3 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

Cleaning kitchen cabinets is a very important, though easy to neglect, chore. If you do not stay on top of them, they can become very dirty and a grimy buildup can make them unsightly. Below we will discuss a few tips that will help you to keep your cabinets, clean, shiny, and beautiful.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

The best way to ensure that your kitchen cabinets stay clean is to keep up with regular cleaning. If you ignore them for an extended period of time, they may have a grimy buildup that is very difficult to clean. When you finally do get around to cleaning it, you are more likely to damage the cabinets surface.

A regular cleaning schedule will help you to keep your kitchen cabinets looking good throughout the year. An easy superficial cleaning should be done every two days. These cleanings are very easy and quick. A deep clean should be performed at least once every two weeks. These are good guidelines, but your specific situation may require cleaning more or less frequently.

Choose Cleaning Supplies That Don’t Damage Them

Using the correct chemicals to clean your kitchen cabinets is very important. Sollid Cabinetry points out that some polishes leave a waxy buildup, while others may damage the finish, so it’s best to avoid those. Also avoid any cleaners can leave ugly scratches or other marks on the cabinet’s surface.

Many find that the mixture of mild dish soap and water, or vinegar and water, is a safe way to clean most cabinet types. These solutions are unlikely to damage sensitive surfaces. If there is a difficult grimy buildup, applying baking soda and water with an old toothbrush will often yield good results.

Use Wood Furniture Wax

If your cabinets are made out of wood, wood furniture wax can help you keep them looking new. The wax provides a barrier to dirt and scratches. It also helps keep the wood from drying out, fading, and cracking. Howard Products recommends applying wax whenever the wood starts to look faded or dry — usually every month or so.

Kitchen cabinets are often overlooked, but they have a major effect on the overall look of your kitchen. In order to keep your cabinets clean and looking good, you should maintain a regular cleaning schedule, use suitable cleaning products that will be effective without damaging, and use wax as a protection against dirt buildup and scratches. These small efforts will save you time and possibly save your cabinets over the long term.

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